On the Road

Ages 3.5 - 5 yrs
9:30-10:30 Monday-Friday, June 28 - July 2

Registration Deadline; Thursday, June 24 (Register below)

Your child will start the summer out with a preschoolers' two favorite activities - music and pretend play!  We'll take imaginary summer road trips in a bus named “Van Go” to fun-filled destinations such as the carnival, a summer cottage, camping, and the beach! You will re-live your childhood with your child as the songs revive memories from your summers’ past like playing “Eye Spy” and finding shapes in the clouds to pass the time.  We'll even eat "some-mores" around the "campfire" after playing in a real tent!  

60 minutes of musical fun for five days.  Each day includes a craft, creative movement, pretend play, instrument play, singing, and a story time.  Adult joins the last 15 minutes.  


$89 includes a Kindermusik Kit (a wrist streamer and a book with several pages of home activities) and all the music from the camp streaming on the Kindermusik App.   Cost: $89  No Registration Fee.  

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