Request to Pause Music4Kids Membership

We're sorry to see you go and look forward to your return.  We will miss you!

By submitting this form, you are indicating that you understand that:

  • You may pause for one or two months during September through May and return without paying a registration fee.  If you pause during the months of June, July or August you will be subject to our annual registration fee in September.
  • Your automatic payments (autopay) are suspended during the month(s) that you are pausing.  Autopay at the current tuition rate for the month in which you return will resume on the first of the return month entered below unless you complete the Request to Cancel Membership form by the 25th of the month prior. 
  • If you submit the form after the 25 th of the last month you attend, tuition may still be charged on the first of the month. We will not process a refund, but a credit will remain on your account to be used to pay for the month in which you return.
  • Makeup credits are not canceled during a pause, but you may not use make-up credits during the time of your pause.  
  • Your same lesson time or place in class is not guaranteed when you return from a pause. 
  • If you do not return within 2 months, your pause will be converted to a cancellation.  To return after a cancellation, simply complete the online registration process.