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“Relax. Be yourself. Play a lot.” – Joe Satriani
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Guitar Lessons in Grants Pass

What could be more awesome than learning to play the guitar?  It is one of the most popular instruments of our day.  Playing the guitar gives expression to your feelings whether happy, sad, angry, or thankful.  You can take and play your guitar anywhere!  This is really fun during gatherings - playing the guitar with friends and family singing along creates lifelong memories.

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Guitar Lesson Options


Group Guitar Lessons

3 - 5 Students

60 minutes

Thursdays 5:30-6:30

Fridays 4:30 - 5:30


Private Guitar Lessons

Weekly Lessons - 1 Student   

Choice of:

30 minutes

45 minutes*

60 minutes*

*For advancing students.  
generally enroll in 30 minute lessons.

A Little Bit of Info About the Guitar. What many people don't realize is that the guitar – or some version of it – has existed since the dawn of time.  The instrument originally had three strings and was typically played the strings with a plectrum, which is an early version of the modern pick.Modern guitars come in three basic types - acoustic steel string guitars, classical nylon string guitars, and electric guitars which can be solid body or hollow body electric guitars. There are also acoustic-electric guitars which are regular acoustic nylon string guitars that can be plugged into an amplifier allowing them to be used in a band with other amplified instruments and drums.

What Your Child Will Learn in Guitar Lessons. Whether your child would like to eventually play electric guitar in a rock band or prefers the sound of an acoustic or classical guitar, the foundational skills they learn in guitar lessons will enable them to play in any style. Our guitar teachers will get to know your child's personality and interests and work with them to master the skills needed to play the music they enjoy the most.  


Our beginning guitar students start by focusing on rhythm guitar--learning chords and strumming patterns. Depending on your child's interest and/or your preference, we also introduce lead guitar--playing melodies and reading standard music notation and/or guitar tablature.  

Frequently Asked Questions
How much will my child need to practice?

Your child will need to play the guitar regularly to make progress in lessons.  We recommend that beginners practice 15-30 minutes every day.  

Playing the guitar results in sore fingers at the beginning, so it is best to split practice time into two sessions a day for 10 minutes with several hours in between to give sore fingers time to rest.

As your child practices regularly, they will eventually develop callouses on their fingers so that they no longer hurt.  At that point, they can play for longer periods of time.  The more time a musician practices, the faster they progress in their playing.   

What size and type of guitar will my child need for beginner lessons?

Below are general size guidelines.  It is better for the guitar to be a bit small than for it to be too large - even adults play the small ukulele! 


The classical guitar with nylon strings is the most common to find in smaller sizes and It is also best for young beginners since it is easier on their fingers.  After your child has built up some callouses and is ready to move up a size, they can change to a steel string guitar if that is their preference.


               GUITAR SIZE             HEIGHT

1/4 Size Guitar   -   up to 3'9" tall

1/2 Size Guitar   -    up to 4'3" tall

3/4 Size Guitar   -   up to 4'11" tall

7/8 Size Guitar   -    up to 5'1" tall

Full Size Guitar   -    5'2 and taller

When you invest in guitar lessons for your child it is very important that you also invest in a quality guitar.  Inexpensive guitars often have a higher action (distance from string to the fretboard) that makes the guitar difficult to play.  A quality guitar will be much easier to play, and your child will be proud of the beautiful sound it makes.  Since it will be more fun to play, your child will enjoy practicing more and make better progress in their lessons.

What accessories will my child need?


  • Medium Picks (start with 5 or so)

  • A guitar strap

  • A tuner or tuner app on your phone

  • A guitar stand or wall mount for home.  Keeping the guitar out and ready will help your child to practice regularly.

  • Eventually, a capo will also be needed

Our Guitar Teachers
Elyse 2.jpg

Elyse Farrugia

Elyse plays guitar with the worship team at her church and has been teaching guitar for two years.  She enjoys helping her students learn the guitar and play music they enjoy.  

Photo 6-21-15 - 255x390.jpg

Deborah Pratt

Deb is an experienced guitar teacher who has been playing guitar since she was in her teens.  She tailors her students' lessons to take advantage of their strengths and interests.

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