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Pause Your Membership

We're sorry to see you go and look forward to your return.  We will miss you!  

`IMPORTANT - Please carefully read the following:

  • PAUSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE for Kindermusik Level 5/Kindermusik Musicians (may not pause October through May), Choirs, Group Lessons, or other group programs.   A pause is not available because the group will be moving forward in their curriculum.

  • Kindermusik (Foundations through Level 4) and Private Students:  You may pause for one or two full months Your pause must start at the beginning of a monthly session and last for one our two monthly sessions (see the color coded calendar).

  • You may only pause for two months (or June/July/August in the summer).  If you will be gone longer, please complete the Request to Cancel Membership form.  When you are ready to return, simply enroll again. 

  • You may not use make-up credits during the time of my pause. 

Select an option
Reason for Pausing:

I understand and agree to the following:

Deadline for submission:
Annual Registration Fee
No Guarantee of Place in Class or Lesson
Automatic Payments Resume after Pause. I understand and agree:

Request to Pause Form Submitted

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