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 Deborah Pratt

Teaches Kindermusik, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Rogue Valley Kids Choir 

Miss Deb teaches Kindermusik, piano, guitar, and choir.  Deb is the founder of Music4Kids.  She is an experienced music educator specializing in early childhood music, voice, piano, and guitar.  She has taught in both music and elementary classrooms in private and public schools and spent a number years as a substitute teacher in the Grants Pass area before opening the current location of Music4Kids.

Miss Deb's love for children and music provide a warm and accepting atmosphere for learning. She has focused her teaching career on finding teaching methods that allow children to be successful in their music making from the beginning, making it fun and enjoyable for them to learn. 

"Miss Deb" is a licensed Kindermusik educator and is also certified in Level 1 of Orff-Schulwerk, a creative and hands-on method of music education.  She holds a Master of Arts in Music Education from the University of Iowa and completed coursework for state teacher certification in elementary education (K-8) as well as music (K-12).

Deb plays piano and guitar and is currently taking cello lessons.  She is an experienced vocal soloist in both classical music and contemporary worship music.  Over the years she has served on the worship team of her local church as a pianist, vocalist, cellist and worship leader.  Active in the music life of the Grants Pass community, Deb has been the music director for several local musical theater productions and participates as musical advisor and soloist for the annual Josephine County Sing Along Messiah.  Deb directed the Rogue Community College Redwood Campus Chorus for a number of years, traveling with them to New York to sing Handel's Messiah at Carnegie hall in December 2019 - one of the highlights of her musical career to date!
Deb and her husband Jim have three daughters and seven grandchildren and a very friendly black lab named Kobe. She enjoys gardening, walking with Kobe, visiting the Oregon coast, playing music, and connecting with family and friends.
"I look forward every day to sharing music with you and your family.  I treasure all the special moments we experience as we share music together. I've always sensed the miracle of music in the joy that it brings.  As I've studied the research and observed the unbelievable benefits of music making in every area of child and human development, I feel privileged to participate in a life work that has such a powerful impact on the world.”   

Rachel Boettner
Teaches Kindermusik 

Miss Rachel teaches Kindermusik and piano lessons.Rachel is a licensed Kindermusik educator with a love of music and a passion for children. She returned to Music4Kids after a 15-year break to focus on raising her family. After two years of teaching Kindermusik and piano and accompanying the Rogue Valley Kids Choir at Music4Kids, Miss Rachel is once again leaving to focus on her delightful family. She will remain available to substitute for Kindermusik classes, so you may be lucky enough to have her as a Kindermusik teacher on occasion.
As a performer, Rachel is much sought after as a piano accompanist, is a past member of the a cappella group Rogue Singers, and has appeared in local musical productions.  
Rachel holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Rogue Community College.  An experienced home school teacher, Rachel is a founding board member of the Grants Pass Homeschool Co-op.
Rachel and her husband Jerome live in Grants Pass and home school their six children. Although her time is well occupied with children and home, she likes to fill the corners of her days with gardening, reading, knitting, singing, and deep conversations with friends.  
"Music has always been an integral part of my life, and one of my favorite things to do is to experience music with others. Teaching Kindermusik in the past was an especially joy-filled way of sharing music with others and I’m thrilled to be back at Music4Kids to continue the journey!"

Jennifer Farrugia 

Teaches Violin

Jennifer teachers violin lessons.


Jennifer began violin lessons at an early age and grew to become an accomplished violinist.  Over the years she has played in multiple ensembles including the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, The Rogue Opera, The Jefferson Baroque Orchestra, local theater productions, several bands (including bluegrass, Celtic, and Christian contemporary), and her church worship team.

An experienced teacher, Jennifer loves to encourage, inspire, and share her love of music with others.  She has been teaching violin over a span of 15 years, taking a long break to homeschool her three children. Now that her kids are older, she is excited to returning to teaching.
Jennifer currently lives in Grants Pass with her husband and three teens. When she's not playing the violin with her church worship team, she enjoys cozying up with some reading and coffee, cooking, baking, knitting, and spending time with her family.
"Music has been an important part of my life as long as I can remember. It's both therapeutic, and a way for me to continue to learn and grow. Sparking that interest in others, especially from an early age as I myself experienced, can have a wonderful, lifelong impact."

Joe Gomez III

Teaches Voice

Teresa Northcross

Teaches Violin  

Teresa teaches cello lessons.Teresa has been a cellist for 35 years, playing with many orchestras and chamber groups, including the Three Rivers Community Orchestra, Three Rivers Chorale, and the Josephine County Messiah Sing-a-long.  She has also performed in several productions with the One Eleven Evelyn theater company.  
Beginning in her elementary school's strings program, Teresa devoted 12 years to cello playing.  She began private lessons in high school and during that time played in many orchestras and chamber ensembles, mostly with adults.    After a hiatus to finish college, start a family, and begin a career, Teresa returned to cello playing and continued improving her cello skills through study with private teachers. Four years ago Teresa retired following 31 years as an elementary teacher and reading specialist.  
Teresa began teaching cello lessons five years ago.   She currently serves as the principal cellist with the Three Rivers Community Orchestra and continues to perform in various local ensembles as the opportunity arises.  
When she is not playing the cello, Teresa is reading, working crossword puzzles, walking her dogs, playing with her two cats, book-clubbing on zoom, and doing yoga.  She enjoys spending time with her husband David and her sons Evan and Quentin.
"I keep coming back to music.  Music challenges, soothes, and energizes me.  I love exploring the intricacies of cello playing and I love sharing music with others.  I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to learn next!  I am inspired by my students, and find working with other cellists expands my own appreciation and understanding of the instrument.”       

Lisa Pickart 

Teaches Guitar 

Lisa teaches guitar lessons and classes.

 Lisa's love for music began at age five listening to her grandmother play violin for the San Francisco and Oakland symphony orchestras.  She played piano as a child, and took up the guitar in her teen years.  Lisa started out playing in a few "garage" bands, and then branched out playing guitar, keyboards, and singing backup vocals in various local bands performing for special events in her local community.

Currently, Lisa oversees a veteran's music program that she designed and coordinates through the Josephine County Veteran's Office.  Veterans participate in rock bands with other veterans.  Lisa serves as a mentor in these groups while participating herself on guitar, keyboards, and vocals and fostering camaraderie within the circle.  

Lisa has recently begun taking piano and vocal lessons to further develop her own music knowledge and skills, and she is always looking for ways to support musicianship in our local community.

"I believe music enriches our experience as human beings and supports us on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.  I enjoy inspiring and supporting youth in their quest to become musicians, fostering their growth while helping them develop their own style.  My own love for music was instilled at a very early age, and I feel very fortunate to participate in the encouragement and guidance of young talent.   My goal is to be an inspiration to my students and to instill in them a passion for the arts."

Heidi Sundin

Teaches Piano

Heidi teaches piano lessons.


Heidi first started learning piano at the age of 3 from her Grandmother. Over time she has become an accomplished pianist and accompanist. She has performed with many choirs including the 3 River Chorale and the Rogue Chorus, along with local theater productions and churches.

Having taught piano over the course of 8 years, Heidi took a break when she got married and lived in Europe for a time. After moving back from Europe and spending some time in Eugene, Oregon, Heidi and her husband decided to move back to their home town to live closer to family.

While also working as a piano teacher at Music4Kids and as an accompanist for local choirs and musicals, Heidi works as a charcoal artist drawing commissions and selling her original art locally. She enjoys reading, baking, dance, and spending time with her husband.

"Music has been a part of my life since before I was born. I live in a family of accomplished musicians, and my love of music was instilled from a very young age. I believe music is such an important and integral part of development. It helps with coordination, timing, patience, and even learning other skills like dance, sports, and new languages.  I love to help cultivate a love and appreciation of music for all ages."


Knowing the power of music to bring out your child’s potential in every area of development, we treasure the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life as they discover their unique gifts and talents.

Nurturing Musicality.  Let it begin with Kindermusik!  Kindermusik classes guide your young child through each developmental level as they progress in their ability to keep a steady beat and sing in tune.  Young children can actually increase musical “talent” through musical experiences beginning at birth — so these early years are critically important to your child’s musical future.  For Kindermusik graduates we offer a piano class where loving teachers provide a solid foundation upon which your child will build their life-long musicianship and love for music.

Unlocking Potential. Over the last 20 years research has been flooding in about the amazing power of music making to promote learning and even to enhance the structure of the brain. Kindermusik activities are designed to foster your child’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Beyond Kindermusik, taking music classes or lessons continues to offer the extraordinary benefits of making music.

Celebrating family.  Music has the unique ability to connect people together, heart to heart. You will find that your family grows closer as you and your child share precious musical moments together.  You may also find that your music friends become like an extended family. These opportunities for close relationships are a treasure to celebrate. 

 Music is one of the great joys of life . . .Share it with your child! 


Music4Kids is a special place.

 In our accepting, nurturing, and motivating environment your child will discover a love for music and gain the foundational skills needed to enjoy making music for life. 

You’ll enjoy being in our beautiful teaching studios.  We feel fortunate to have found this lovely space with features including:

*a large, bright room with a wall-to-wall padded floor for our Kindermusik classes
*a well-equipped piano lab with 5 full-size digital pianos for our piano classes
*a private teaching studio featuring a baby grand piano
*a peaceful waiting room

Our waiting room is designed to be a restful place for you to wait for your child.  For any little ones who may be waiting with you, we have a baby changing table and a toddler table with cute, animal themed child-sized chairs.  We also offer coloring books, stuffed animals and story books to keep your child occupied. If you need a place to write or use your computer, there is an adult sized desk and free WiFi available. We hope our waiting room will be a place where you can regroup during your busy day. ♥

Join Miss Deb for a studio walk-through below:





   Health Protocols
Kindermusik FAQ
Classes and Lessons FAQ

What health protocols do you follow?

  • Parents and/or students who show any signs of illness are asked to stay home. 
  • Parents and/or students who show any sign of illness will be asked to return home.
  • Each parent and child must wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering.
  • Each class and lesson room is equipped with UV light air purifiers that filter the air in the room 3 times per hour to the level of an N95 mask.
  • All instruments and props are disinfected prior to each class or lesson.
  • We regularly disinfect doorknobs, hand rails, and other frequently touched surfaces.

    If you have additional questions about health protocols, please contact us at email@music4kids.com


 Music Classes and Lessons FAQ           


 1.  How old does a child need to be to start piano lessons.                                              

Children younger than 7 begin in our Kindermusik program and begin our piano class after Kindermusik graduation following the completion of Level 5.  In Kindermusik Level 5 they learn how to read music so they already have that skill when they continue on in our piano class.  Learning piano is more fun, more successful, and much less stressful when they can focus their full attention on what their fingers are doing and not try to figure our how to read music at the same time.                 


 2.  At what age can my child begin guitar lessons?             

We prefer that children be at least 9 years old before beginning guitar lessons.  We have found that at this age their hands are large enough to make it easier to play and be successful. They also tend to have a stronger ability to focus and to practice even with sore fingers, which are inevitable for a beginner.  Younger children do well with the ukulele.  We do not currently have ukulele classes and lessons for new students, but you may want to call 

Great Northwest Music

 at 541-956-8600.  They offer ukulele classes and have great teachers.   

If you have a question that is not included here, please send it to us at email@music4kids.com.  We will be happy to answer it for you!