To schedule a preview for private lessons, click here. 

To schedule  your first Kindermusik class as a preview, please complete the form below.   If you choose not to continue, there is no charge for the preview class (you only pay if you stay).

Gift Certificates:  If you have a $55 gift certificate for a weekly class, please choose a class and time below.  If you have a $20 gift certificate for a Kindermusik Playdate, please decide on the date you with to attend (check the Playdate Schedule but do not register from there) and then complete the form below to schedule your Playdate.

Waiting Lists:  The following classes are either full or a new class is still forming.  Please note that we do have mixed ages classes for ages 1-7 that are currently available to preview (see the list below).

  • Kindermusik Village Class for infants through 9 months
  • Kindermusik Level 5 class for ages 5-7 years.  If your child is age 5 or 6, we recommend the Level 4 class - it will lead right into the level 5 class that will begin in October.
To be added to the waiting list so that you will be contacted when a space is available, please click here.

Registration Discount and GiftWhen you register for ongoing classes at your preview class with your debit/credit card, you will receive a $10 discount on the registration fee plus a welcome gift.  

Class Location:  Our classes are held at Music4Kids, 141 NW C Street in Grants Pass. We are on the corner of 5th and C Streets on the Second Floor.  Enter in through the door that faces the gated parking lot on the corner of D and 5th street - you may park in that lot while you attend your class.

Online Option: Classes are available via Zoom - our camera is set up so you can see the classroom and participate in the activities in your home. To be successful for your child, an online class requires constant active participation by you, the parent, so that you do all activities together.

If you are interested in a class for an age you do not see below, please read the Waiting List section above.