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Sing With Us!

Celebration Singers (ages 13+)

Rogue Valley Kids Choir (ages 8-12)

Thursdays 4:00-5:00 (Ages 8+)
Fall session:  September - December
Winter/Spring session:  January - May
Summer Session:  June - August


We receive frequent requests for vocal lessons for this age group.  Children younger than 12 often make better vocal progress in a group, so we encourage young singers to join the Rogue Valley Kids choir.

Rogue Valley Kids Choir rehearsals begin with training in singing techniques and development of music reading skills. These young singers then apply what we have learned as we sing songs we are preparing for our next concert. This group sings a variety of styles of music including seasonal, Broadway, movie, popular, Christian, patriotic, traditional, and classical music. Every rehearsal ends with a game of music bingo, which reinforces learning to read printed music and promotes friendships & camaraderie.  The Rogue Valley Kids Choir performs at Music4Kids recitals, shared concerts with the RCC Rogue Chorus, and at a variety of local events.


Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 (Ages 13+)
Fall session: September - December
Winter/Spring session: January - May
Summer Session: June - August


Celebration Singers for ages 13 and older performs traditional and contemporary Christian music. Rehearsals include coaching in vocal technique, musical expression, and principles of ensemble musicianship. The Celebration Singers performs during Music4Kids recitals and at a variety of local events.  

Membership is open to anyone who is age 13 and older who is able to sing a melody accurately in tune.  If you meet these requirements, please click the link above to enroll.