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Your child's love for music will grow as they experience lessons tailored to their own interests and unique learning style.  Our teachers seek to make music lessons engaging and fun as your child learns the fundamental skills needed to master their chosen instrument.  In the beginning, students learn simple versions of both new and familiar songs.  As your child matures in their musical interests, we help your child define their own musical goals and gain the additional skills needed to play and sing their favorite music.  

Why take lessons at Music4Kids?

  • Great Teachers:  Our teachers consider the needs of each student, customizing lesson materials to the student's learning styles and personality.  As they grow musically, each student is given the opportunity to help make decisions about the direction their lessons will take and choose songs they like to play.
  • Monthly Group Workshops:  Part of the fun of music is to make music with your friends.  In addition to their weekly lesson, our students participate in a monthly Performance Workshop where they become part of a community of young musicians.  In the workshop they have an opportunity to perform for other students, which helps them get ready for playing in recitals and other performances.  The workshop also may include lessons in music theory or music history and a music game. 
  • Recitals:  We hold three recitals each year - at Christmas time, at the end of the school year, and at the end of the summer.  
  • Recognition for Accomplishments:   Students have the opportunity to work toward trophies and awards for progress in mastering fundamental skills and meeting practice goals.  These awards are presented during our recitals.
  • Summer Fun:  Each summer we choose a theme such as movie music, Disney, etc.  Students take a break from the method books to focus on only playing their favorite music.

Weekly 30-minute Private Lessons:  $108 per month (plus books and materials)
Weekly 45-minute Private Lessons: $162 per month (plus books and materials)
Weekly 45-minute Shared Lessons (2 students who register together):  $81 each per month (plus books and materials)  Great for siblings and friends who want to learn together.  Must both be beginners or at the same skill level.

Students will need a quality instrument with necessary accessories to bring to lessons and play at home.

  • Pianos must be tuned and have a bench at the appropriate height for the child.  Keyboards should have weighted, touch sensitive keys, a keyboard stand and bench at the appropriate height, a sustain pedal, and a music holder or separate music stand to hold the music.  For both piano and keyboard, a foot rest is needed if the child's legs are not long enough to reach the ground (an inexpensive yoga block works well for this).  

  • Violins must be an appropriate size for the height of the child.  Violin Accessories required for beginners:  bow, shoulder rest, rosin, and a practice mute.   

  • Cellos must be an appropriate size for the height of the child.  Cello Accessories requred for beginners:  bow, endpin stop, and rosin. 

  • Guitars must be an appropriate size for the height of the child*.  Students ages 9-12 will need a 3/4 size guitar unless they are five feet or taller when they can handle a full-sized guitar.  Guitar accessories required for beginners: a shoulder strap or collapsible foot rest, and at least 5 picks.  For an informative article about the type and size of a guitar to purchase for your child visit  bestreviews.com/best-childrens-acoustic-guitars.


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 Our guitar classes for beginners focus on rhythm guitar--learning chords and strumming patterns. Depending on the students' interest, we may also introduce lead guitar--playing melodies and note reading.  Classes will be individualized for the interest of the members of the class.  
Student must provide their own quality instrument with necessary accessories for lessons and at home.  Guitars must be an appropriate size for the height of the child*.  Guitar accessories required: a tuner or tuning app, at least 5 picks, and eventually a capo.  
*Here is an informative article about the type and size of a guitar to purchase for your child:  https://bestreviews.com/best-childrens-acoustic-guitars
Classes meet for 45 minutes. $74/month plus books and materials.  

Frequently Asked Questions           


 1.  How old does a child need to be to start piano lessons.                                              

 Children younger than 7 begin in our Kindermusik program and begin our piano class after Kindermusik graduation following the completion of Level 5.  In Kindermusik Level 5 they learn how to read music so they already have that skill when they continue on in our piano class.  Learning piano is more fun, more successful, and much less stressful when they can focus their full attention on what their fingers are doing and not try to figure our how to read music at the same time.                 


 2.  At what age can my child begin guitar lessons?             

We prefer that children be at least 9 years old before beginning guitar lessons.  We have found that at this age their hands are large enough to make it easier to play and be successful. They also tend to have a stronger ability to focus and to practice even with sore fingers, which are inevitable for a beginner.  Younger children do well with the ukulele.  We do not currently have ukulele classes and lessons for new students, but you may want to contact 

Great Northwest Music at 541-956-8600.  They offer ukulele classes and have great teachers.   


If you have a question that is not included here, please send it to us at email@music4kids.com.  We will be happy to answer it for you!