To schedule an additional class follow the directions below.  (For current Music4Kids members only.  fI this class is for a sibling who has not previously taken a class, or if the student is not currently attending a weekly lesson or class, please visit our Registration page.) 

  1. Log in to Your Account Below
    • Navigate to "Calendar" from the main menu of the left.
    • Click on an the class you wish to add (be sure it is for the appropriate age of your child)
    • Select "Register" from the event pop-up.
    • Click "OK" to confirm your registration
  2. Once your registration has been reviewed, your card will be charged for the class tuition for the current month (or the remainder of the month).  In future months weekly classes will be billed to your card monthly.  Playdates in future months will be billed to your card on the first of that month.