Buy local when you can.  A great place to start is Great Northwest Music at 220 SW G Street in the Town Center Plaza.  
Call them at 541-956-8600 and ask if they have what you need.

 If you can't find it locally, support the Music4Kids Scholarship Fund by purchasing it online here.

Guitar stand or wall hanger.     
     Keep your guitar out where you can see it - your are more likely to practice that way.

Musician's Gear A-frame Stand for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars Black

Guitar Center Item #:1500000038772 POS #: 113017040

Musician's Gear Deluxe A-Frame Electric Guitar and Bass Stand Black

Guitar Center Item #:1274228076949 POS #: 114812902

Musician's Gear Wood Guitar Wall Hanger Natural

Guitar Center Item #:1500000292992 POS #: 115703241