Music4 Kids Teacher Job Description

Part-time.  Hours will vary depending upon student enrollment.  Schedule will be based on teacher’s availability.  Hours will be primarily after school from 2:30-7:00 pm.  Weekends are not required but available if a teacher would like to work on Saturday and/or Sunday and there are students who would like to take lessons at those times. 

Starting Salary: Based on experience and qualifications.  Teachers are considered for a salary increase after each full year of employment.  

Requirements for guitar teachers:  

  • At least one year of guitar teaching experience.
  • Ability to read guitar tablature and standard music notation.
  •  Ability to play in a variety of styles utilizing both open position and bar chords as well as lead guitar using the entire fretboard. 

Requirements for piano teachers:  

  • Ability to play early advanced piano literature. Bachelors Degree in music or music education is a plus.
  • Candidates without a minimum of one year experience teaching private piano lessons to children will be asked to observe piano lessons by an experienced teacher in addition to teaching and will serve a probationary period of 6 months.
  • Ability to also teach voice or other instruments is a plus.

Requirements for Kindermusik teachers:

  • Love for music and a love for babies and young children and enjoyment in being with them.
  • Ability to read music notation and sing in tune.  Proficiency on a musical instrument and/or training in early childhood education is a plus.
  • Interest in research on the benefits of music education on growth and learning.


  • Teach music lessons and/or classes to children.
  • Develop positive relationship with students and families.
  • Take attendance at each lesson/class.
  • Explain Music4Kids policies to students and abide by them as a teacher.
  • Attend monthly teacher meetings.  Assist with planning/hosting Music4Kids recitals in December and May and possibly other times of the year.  There is no additional pay for these activities.

Benefits of Teaching at Music4Kids

  • Beautiful teaching studios
  • Choose your own teaching schedule
  • Your time is primarily spent teaching - marketing, scheduling, billing, etc. is handled by Music4Kids
  • Become a member of a supportive team of teachers that work together to create a special place where children feel loved, receive a solid foundation in musical skills, and enjoy making music.