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Change Class or Lesson

Complete this online form to request a class or lesson change.  It is best to check with your teacher first to confirm availability of the day and time or class you wish to attend.


Kindermusik: Music4Kids provides the flexibility to change classes when your schedules change or your child is ready to move to the next Kindermusik level.  Your teacher will suggest a class change when it is appropriate, but you are always welcome to discuss the best class for your child at any time.

Private Lessons:  Talk with your teacher before you complete this form.  We are happy to accommodate a change in lesson times when we can, however private lesson times are extremely limited.  A change will likely require a switch with another student which may or may not be possible.

Group Lessons: Day and time changes are usually not possible for instrument and singing classes.  Please talk to your teacher about any scheduling issues you may have to see if we can collaborate on a solution.

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