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Music. . .One of the Great Joys of Life!

Music Lessons in Grants Pass

Our Programs

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Ages Infant to 7 Years
with participating adult

Let it start with Kindermusik - joyful music, movement, and learning for children from infant to age 7 years.  Kindermusik classes are designed to use the positive power of music to help your child meet developmental milestones, build confidence, and strengthen family bonds. Activities include singing, instrument play, music games, creative movement & dance, focused listening, and a story time.


Piano Lessons
Ages 7-adult

Piano is the classic first instrument to learn and with good reason!  You can learn simple versions of songs you know almost right away, and music structure and note reading are more easily understood on the piano keyboard.  Whether you plan to master the piano or move on to learn another instrument after a year or so, our piano lessons will prepare you to reach your goal!


Guitar Lessons
Ages 9-adult


Guitar playing is popular.  About 2 million guitars are sold in the USA each year!  Whether you envision yourself playing lead or rhythm guitar in a band, strumming chords and singing around the campfire, or simply expressing yourself on guitar in the privacy of your own home, our guitar lessons will help you achieve your dream.

Violin Lessons
Ages 8-adult

From classical music to fiddle playing, the violin is the most popular of all the orchestral string family to learn and play.  Our violin lessons will provide the foundational skills and confidence you will need whether your goal is to play in an orchestra or fiddle with a blue grass band (or both)!


Cello Lessons
Ages 8-adult

The cello has a beautiful warm tone that is essential to the classical orchestra.  It is also used extensively in other genres of music including movie music, popular songs, contemporary Christian music, and even in some rock bands.  Wherever you would like to take your playing our cello lessons will help you get there.

Singing Lessons Icon.png

Singing Lessons & Choir
Ages 8-Adult


Whether your dream is to perform in musical theater, be lead singer in a rock band, sing in a choir, or join your church's worship team, our private or group singing lessons will enable you to shine!  Students find their unique voice as they practice breathing technique, expand their singing range, develop vocal resonance, and sing songs they enjoy.

A Solid Foundation for any Musical Style

Your child will learn to play well known songs plus new songs, scales, and exercises designed to help them develop a solid foundation in fundamental skills necessary for playing music in any genre. Music lessons for advancing students include mastering specific techniques needed to play songs they love in their favorite musical style whether it be classical, jazz, folk, pop, rock, or contemporary Christian music.

Support for Music Making at Home

Playing or singing music at home is critical to your child's success in their music lessons. We engage our students in setting their own practice goals and working towards them. They receive small prizes each month for meeting  their practice goal every week as well as certificates, pins, and trophies at our recitals for meeting their goal throughout the year.

Why Take Music Lessons at Music4Kids?

Lessons Customized for Each Student

Our teachers are all accomplished musicians who care deeply about their students.  They customize lessons based upon your child's learning styles, personality, and musical preferences.  As they grow as a musician, your child will help to choose the direction their lessons will take, the style of music they will focus on, and specific songs they will play.

Awards & Recognition

Students set their own practice goals and earn small prizes each month for meeting those goals.  Certificates, pins and trophies are presented at our recitals for meeting practice goals throughout the year and also for moving from level to level in their note reading, musicianship, and performance skills.  Last year we gave trophies to seven students who practiced every single day of the school year!

Rising Stars
Bands and Ensembles

One of the most enjoyable aspects of making music is becoming part of a musical community and developing friendships with other musicians. Our students get together once a month from October through June for our Saturday Rising Stars sessions where your child will have an opportunity to  play together with other young musicians in bands, combos, duets, trios, and ensembles.  

Summer at Music4Kids

Our lessons and classes run year round.  For our private and group lessons we choose a summer theme each year (movie music, Disney, pop music, etc.).  Our students choose their favorite songs in this theme arranged at a level that will be fun for them to play. We also run a friendly competition with prizes for the students who log the most practice time over the summer. This light-hearted approach to summer lessons allows your child to enjoy playing through the summer and prepares them for renewed focus on new concepts and skills in the new school year...and it makes for a summer full of musical fun for your child!

Performance Opportunities

Performing in workshops and recitals is encouraged but not required.  Students have the opportunity to play for other students during our monthly workshops.  This helps prepare them for performing during our concerts each year in May, August and December.  These are memorable events where our students perform on stage for their family and friends, sharing their new skills, songs, and love for music. There also may be other opportunities for smaller groups of students to perform at retirement homes and community events.

And More. . .

  • Beautiful, fully equipped music studios with peaceful waiting areas where parents can regroup and relax while waiting.

  • Lesson notes and assignments for private and group lessons are emailed to parents and students.

  • Access to our Members Hub where you can view your schedule, cancel your attendance at a class or lesson, view your weekly lesson notes, and manage your membership. 

  • Makeup credits are provided when lessons are cancelled online with proper notice

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