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"It's almost impossible not to be happy when you play the ukulele."
- Kina Grannis
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Ukulele Lessons in Grants Pass

Have you ever dreamed of strumming along to your favorite songs, filling the air with cheerful melodies? Our Ukulele Lessons are designed to turn that dream into a reality! Join us for engaging lessons where you'll dive into the fundamentals of playing this delightful instrument. A relatively easy instrument to pick up, the ukulele is enjoyable and fun for beginners. You will find yourself strumming and playing chords in no time!

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Ukulele Lesson Options


Group Ukulele Lessons

3 - 5 Students

60 minutes

Mondays 4:00-5:00


Private Ukulele Lessons

Weekly Lessons - 1 Student   

Choice of:

30 minutes

45 minutes*

60 minutes*

*For advancing students.  
generally enroll in 30 minute lessons.

A Little Bit of Info About the Ukulele. 

The ukulele experienced a surge in popularity in the 20th century, and it has remained a beloved instrument worldwide. It's relatively easy to learn for beginners and is often used for sing-alongs and casual jam sessions.​


The ukulele is a small, guitar-like instrument that originated in the 19th century in Hawaii. It has its roots in the Portuguese instrument called the machete, which was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century. It was adapted and modified by Hawaiians to create the ukulele.

Types of Ukuleles:

  • Soprano: This is the smallest and most traditional type of ukulele. It's known for its bright and cheerful tone.

  • Concert: Slightly larger than the soprano, it is played exactly the same way while offering a bit more fret space and a slightly fuller sound.

  • Tenor: Larger still, the tenor ukulele provides even more fret space and a deeper, richer tone.

  • Baritone: The biggest of the standard ukuleles, the baritone is tuned like the highest four strings on the guitar making it very easy to transfer what is learned to the guitar by adding the fingering of the two additional strings.

What Your Child Will Learn in Ukulele Lessons. Our beginning guitar students start by focusing on learning chords and strumming patterns. They also learn to read ukulele tablature to play melodies.  Your child's teacher will learn your child's interests and include songs that they will love to play.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much will my child need to practice?

To make progress in lessons the student needs to play regularly.  We recommend that beginners practice 15-30 minutes every day.  

Playing the ukulele can result in sore fingers at the beginning, so it is best to split practice time into two sessions a day for 10 minutes with several hours in between to give sore fingers time to rest.

As your child practices regularly, they will eventually develop callouses on their fingers so that they no longer hurt.  At that point, they can play for longer periods of time.  The more time a musician practices, the faster they progress in their playing.   


What type of ukulele will my child need?

Your child will need a soprano or concert-sized ukulele.  Be sure it is not a toy ukulele.  You should expect to pay anywhere from $50 on up for a good ukulele.  

It is important to learn on a quality instrument because cheap or toy ukuleles are more difficult to play and will not create a sound that is satisfying to listen to.  

Your child will stay more motivated when playing on a quality instrument.

What accessories will my child need?


  • A tuner or tuner app on your phone

  • If you have young children in the house a wall mount for home is recommended so the ukulele can be kept out of their reach of the little ones (it will stay in tune longer that way!).  Keeping the ukulele out and ready on the wall hanger will help your child to practice regularly.

Our Ukulele Teacher
Elyse 2.jpg

Elyse Farrugia

Elyse plays guitar with the worship team at her church and has been teaching guitar for two years.  She enjoys helping her students learn the guitar and play music they enjoy.  

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