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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
                                              ~ Einstein

Our Teachers

Elyse Farrugia


Elyse has been playing guitar for six years on her church worship team and has been teaching guitar for two years.  In 2021 and 2022 she attended the Oregon Fine Arts Convention for songwriting, and was invited both times to perform her music at the National Fine Arts Conference in Florida.

Elyse is currently a student at Rogue Community College where she studied music theory and is working on her Associate of Arts Degree.  In addition to music, Elyse also enjoys spending time with friends and family, songwriting, painting, the outdoors, and her three cats.

Jennifer Farrugia

Violin and Kindermusik

Jennifer is an experienced violin teacher and a licensed Kindermusik educator.  She has been teaching violin over a span of 15 years and has performed in multiple ensembles including the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, The Rogue Opera, The Jefferson Baroque Orchestra, local theater productions, several bands (including bluegrass, Celtic, and Christian contemporary), and her church worship team.


Jennifer lives in Grants Pass with her husband and three teens. When she's not playing the violin with her church worship team, she enjoys cozying up with some reading and coffee, cooking, baking, knitting, and spending time with her family.



Music has been an important part of my life as long as I can remember. It's both therapeutic, and a way for me to continue to learn and grow. Sparking that interest in others, especially from an early age as I myself experienced, can have a wonderful, lifelong impact.

Joe both.jpg

Joe Gomez III


Joe is an accomplished bass soloist well known in the Grants Pass music community.  He studied music at Rio Hondo College in California followed by seven years of private vocal lessons with Joseph Klein and Dolores Davis.  Joe has performed with the Los Angeles opera, at the Hollywood Bowl, in Europe, at the Oregon State Capitol, and locally as bass soloist for the annual Josephine County Messiah Sing-along.

Joe has been teaching singing for over 30 years.  Students and parents alike express their appreciation for his professional but friendly and supportive teaching style.  

In addition to singing Joe enjoys gardening and working on projects at home.

Teaching singing is fulfilling for me.  I feel that I am passing on what I have learned and therefore it is not lost.  It is also gratifying to see my student's faces light up when they get it.

Teresa Northcross


Teresa began studying cello in elementary school and began private lessons in high school.  During that time played in many orchestras and chamber ensembles.   After a hiatus to finish college, start a family, and begin a career as an elementary teacher and reading specialist, Teresa returned to cello playing and continued improving her cello skills through study with private teachers.  
Now retired from public school teaching, Teresa has been teaching cello for over five years.  She is currently the principal cellist with the Three Rivers Orchestra and has performed with many other local ensembles including the Three Rivers Chorale, the Josephine County Messiah Sing-a-long Orchestra, and the One Eleven Theater Company.
When not playing the cello, Teresa is reading, working crossword puzzles, walking her dogs, playing with her two cats, book-clubbing on zoom, and doing yoga.  She enjoys spending time with her husband David and her sons Evan and Quentin.


I keep coming back to music.  Music challenges, soothes, and energizes me.  I love exploring the intricacies of cello playing and I love sharing music with others.  I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to learn next!  I am inspired by my students, and find working with other cellists expands my own appreciation and understanding of the instrument.    


Lisa Pickart


Lisa's love for music began at age five listening to her grandmother play violin for the San Francisco and Oakland symphony orchestras.  She played piano as a child, and took up the guitar in her teen years.  Lisa started out playing in a few "garage" bands, and then branched out playing guitar, keyboards, and singing backup vocals in bands performing for special events in her local community.

Currently, Lisa oversees the Josephine County Veteran's Music Outreach Project in which veterans participate in rock bands with other veterans.  Lisa serves as a mentor in these groups while participating herself on guitar, keyboards, and vocals and fostering camaraderie within the circle.  She has been teaching guitar at Music4Kids since fall of 2021.

I believe music enriches our experience as human beings and supports us on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.  I enjoy inspiring and supporting youth in their quest to become musicians, fostering their growth while helping them develop their own style.  My own love for music was instilled at a very early age, and I feel very fortunate to participate in the encouragement and guidance of young talent.   My goal is to be an inspiration to my students and to instill in them a passion for the arts.

Deborah Pratt

Kindermusik, Piano, Guitar, Singing

Deb founded Music4Kids in 1999.  She and her husband had just moved to Grants Pass following her graduation from the University of Iowa in 1998 with a Master of Arts in Music Education and elementary teaching certification. In addition to teaching at Music4Kids, Deb worked as a substitute teacher in the local school districts for many years.


Deb currently plays keyboard with the River Valley Community Church worship team.  She has performed as vocal soloist with many choral/orchestra productions over the years including the Josephine County Sing-Along Messiah.  Deb conducted the pit orchestra for several GPHS musical productions and directed the RCC Rogue Chorus from 2013 - 2019.
Deb and her husband Jim have three daughters and seven grandchildren and a very friendly black lab named Kobe. She enjoys gardening, walking with Kobe, visiting the Oregon coast, playing music, and connecting with family and friends.


I've always sensed the miracle of music in the joy that it brings.  As I've studied the research and observed the unbelievable benefits of music making in every area of child and human development, I feel privileged to participate in a life work that has such a powerful impact on the world. A number of my older students have been with me since they were toddlers and I treasure the time I get to share with them.


Music has been a part of my life since before I was born. I live in a family of accomplished musicians, and my love of music was instilled from a very young age. I believe music is such an important and integral part of development. It helps with coordination, timing, patience, and even learning other skills like dance, sports, and new languages.  I love to help cultivate a love and appreciation of music for all ages.

Heidi Sundin


Heidi is an accomplished pianist and accompanist.  She began learning piano at the age of 3 from her Grandmother who is also an experienced piano teacher. She has served as pianist with many choirs including the 3 Rivers Chorale and the Rogue Community College Chorus.  She has also played with local theater productions and church worship teams.  

Heidi has been teaching piano for over eight years.  An accomplished ballerina in addition to being a pianist, Heidi also has experience teaching ballet to young dancers at a local ballet studio.  


After living in Europe and then Eugene, Oregon, Heidi and her husband moved back to Grants Pass to live closer to family.  In addition to teaching piano and performing, Heidi works as a charcoal artist drawing commissions and selling her original art locally. She also enjoys reading, baking, dance, and spending time with her husband.

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