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Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us.  It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice.  Such is the value of music.        ~Nelson Mandela

Member Benefits & Pricing

When you enroll in ongoing classes or lessons, we welcome you as a Music4Kids member.  Membership continues year-round, including through the summer months.  ​ 

Benefits of Music Education

Benefits included with your membership:

Lesson Students

  • 48 lessons per year with an experienced, caring teacher

  • Enrollment in choir or group singing lessons for $10 (savings of $40)

  • $10 discount for siblings

  • Method books and workbooks included (additional repertoire/song books are charged to the student)

  • Makeups provided for missed lessons 

  • Lesson Notes sent to you every week by email

  • Field Trips to see accomplished musicians perform

  • Monthly Rising Stars band and ensemble sessions where our students perform with their musician friends

  • Numerous Performance Opportunities 
  • Music4Kids tote and music folder

  • Trophies, Awards, and Prizes all students can earn by meeting their practice goals

  • 24/7 Online Account Access via our Opus1 App

    • See your schedule

    •  See makeup credits and schedule makeup lessons

    • Communicate with teachers

    •  View lesson notes

    • Update contact and payment information

  • Gain life skills through music study including

    • creativity

    • determination & perseverance

    • patience

    • organization & time management

    • critical thinking & problem solving

    • empathy & emotional awareness

    • coping & stress management

    • ability to communicate and collaborate​

Kindermusik Students

  • 48 weekly fun and engaging classes  music from the class is available 24/7 streaming on the Kindermusik App ​

    • Kindermusik Foundations through Level 4 classes are 45 minutes each​

    • Kindermusik Musicians classes and Kindermusik Playdates are 60 minutes each

  • A knowledgeable and accredited Kindermusik educator who loves you and your child

  • Makeups for missed classes - attend another weekly class or a monthly Saturday makeup class

  • Kindermusik tote and small instrument

  • Spring Picnic and Kindermusik Graduation Celebration 

  • Fall Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

  • Playdates include a craft and a small instrument a different prop to take home each month - collect them all!!

  • 24/7 Online Account Access via our Opus1 App

    • See your schedule

    •  communicate with teachers

    • See makeup credits and schedule makeup lessons

    • update contact and payment information

  • Kindermusik supports your child's development through a delightful mix of activities thoughtfully designed to positively impact every area:  

    • Cognitive Development: activities involve pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory exercises, which help promote cognitive skills

    • Language Development: exposure to music and singing helps develop listening skills, vocabulary, and a sense of rhythm.  Exposure to musical elements, such as pitch, tempo, and dynamics, helps develop auditory discrimination skills, which are crucial for language and literacy development.

    • Motor Skills: movement and dancing helps with the development of both fine and gross motor skills and enhances coordination and balance.  

    • Social Skills: participating in group music making provides opportunities for social interaction, cooperation, and teamwork. Children learn to share instruments, take turns, and function appropriately in a group setting.

    • Emotional Expression: Music is a powerful medium for emotional expression. Kindermusik allows children to express themselves creatively and learn to recognize and understand different emotions through music.

    • Preparation for Learning: The structured yet playful nature of Kindermusik helps prepare children for formal learning environments by fostering a positive attitude toward learning and building foundational skills.

    • Parent-Child Bonding: Kindermusik involves parent or caregiver participation, promoting bonding and attachment between you and your child. Sharing musical experiences can create lasting memories.

    • Auditory Discrimination: Rhythm and Timing: Kindermusik emphasizes rhythm and timing, which can have positive effects on a child's ability to understand and follow patterns, an important skill in various aspects of life.

    • Creativity and Imagination: Music making encourages creativity and imagination.  Kindermusik activities also involve improvisation and creative expression, allowing children to explore their musical abilities and develop a sense of imagination.

An annual sign up fee of $25 is charged at enrollment and due each September.  The September sign up fee is waived for families who remain enrolled throughout June, July, and August.

Siblings automatically receive a $10 discount.

These prices have been updated to begin June 1 for new students and September 1 for members who have remained actively enrolled throughout June, July, and August.

Kindermusik Foundations through Level 4

(Ages 0-6 - 45 minutes)


Kindermusik Musicians

(ages 5-7 - 60 minutes)


Instruments & Materials: $87/year



Kindermusik Playdates
Ages 1-7 - 60 minutes

$30 / Siblings: $10 each

Ongoing Monthly Playdates:

$26 / Siblings $10 each


Private Lessons

30 Minutes:  $153/month

45 Minutes:  $229/month

60 Minutes:  $306/month

Private Lessons

Group Lessons
60 minutes: $114/month



Rogue Valley Kids Choir
Celebration Singers

60 Minutes: $50/month

$10 with enrollment in a private or group lesson.

 Group Lessons
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